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Leslie Edsall, Founder, Trifecta Wellness

"Leslie helped me make amazing lifestyle changes that I didn't think were possible! Her knowledge and dedication were inspiring, and together we created a plan that is easy for me to stick to, even a year later. She took the guess work out of healthy eating." - Andrea, Maryland

Hello and welcome! I'm a certified health coach, yoga teacher and a wellness educator. Most importantly, I give you permission to create the space to adopt simple, attainable lifestyle tools to be your healthiest self. I've made it my life's work to help busy people embrace three key tools that I believe can help you create a life you love.

I work with clients who struggle with varying digestive health issues and poor stress management which deeply effect your health and vitality. I too, suffered from IBS, ongoing skin issues, immune system problems that modern medicine couldn't solve and several mis-diagnosis. I help my clients work on step-by-step elimination diets and clean eating programs in order to get clear on what their body needs to live healthy and thrive in a balance.

Why do I do this work? I want to help people to heal in a way that I found worked on a profound level for me and my past clients. My mom had MS for over 35 years and I spent many years doing research to figure out why she developed MS. Before her death in 2009, I was able to tie her immune system issues to food allergies and very poor gut health. I want others to learn how to heal naturally, improve their gut health and immune system response through healing food protocols.

What you get from me is a bootcamp for your health! Step by step, you will learn to adopt simple clean eating practices and mindfulness techniques to consciously live life from a grounded place for optimal wellness, weight loss, improved digestion, better skin and much more.

My goal is to help you adopt the tools you crave to live in the moment, breath deeply, eat simply, regain your health.

Services offered:

  • Online Clean Eating Detox Programs (group-based)
  • 1:1 Health Coaching programs
  • Private Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions
  • Corporate Cooking Classes
  • Monthly teleclasses 
  • Wellness Retreats
  • Pantry Clean Outs
  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Monthly eNews 
  • and more!

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